Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Following the Economy (on Your Android Mobile Device)

As most longtime PaperEconomy readers know, I rely heavily on to provide the majority of the interactive data visualizations embedded in my posts.

While Blytic’s platform for conveniently publishing data visualizations is very cool, particularly for bloggers or any other finance related content publishers, today has announced an interesting new Android app that allows users to “keep track the most important trends shaping our economy as well as make predictions and participate in discussions on hundreds of different real-time economic data points.”

With nifty swipeable, pinchable and tappable charts, Blytic’s mobile app delivers hundreds of economic trends directly to your mobile device keeping the data fresh and sorted by the most recently updated.

The predictions aspect of the app is probably the most interesting feature in that it turns the app into a macroeconomic game of sorts.

You log in (or not if you wish to remain anonymous) and then, while browsing charts, record predictions of where you think a particular data point will go in the next period (next quarter, month, week, day, etc.).

Then, when the actual data value is published for that next period, your prediction is scored and your overall score is tallied allowing you to be ranked against all other users.

It’s a very fun and interactive way of staying on top of all the most important economic trends while letting you showcase your economic forecasting prowess.

Available in Android Market