Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Brexit or Bust!

Listening to Professor Alan Sked address the LSE on his support for leaving the European Union, it's clear that this is a rare and critical moment in history where a population of largely free people can utilize the most basic democratic function of a popular referendum to reverse decades of propaganda and coercion and shove a corrupt system of central command-and-control straight up the rear-end of their super-state bureaucratic overloads.

If having the U.S.'s own statist-in-chief President Obama (a supposed "leader" who has a big Federal Government policy solution for virtually any and all "problems") make a special visit to the U.K. just to wag his finger at its citizens lecturing and fear mongering in support of staying in the EU didn't make you reflexively reach for the "LEAVE" lever, listening to Professor Sked enumerate the litany of clear reasons for the U.K. to regain its national sovereignty will surely do the trick.

Frankly, I have yet to hear even ONE argument for staying in the EU that couldn't be made identically for every other independent nation.... why not make the same arguments for Canada joining the EU... or the U.S.?? .. why don't ALL nations of the world simply join the EU so we can all share the great benefits of being within its one free trade zone while "benefiting" from its "superior" standards, regulatory environment and freedom of immigration?

Obviously, that is absurd and so is a defacto notion that the U.K. should stay in the EU.