Friday, June 24, 2016

Buy British!

What a great day for the people of the United Kingdom and what a wonderfully sweat and rare victory for sensible and responsible people everywhere.

I have to admit that I had my doubts that we would see a "Leave" outcome given (1) how long the U.K. has been within the EU, (2) all the fear mongering coming from the professional political class and the onslaught of "Nobel Laureate" economists, and (3) the distorting effects coming from the horrendous murder of MP Jo Cox.

BUT... the U.K. showed a level of courage that is nothing short of astonishing particularly considering how much "safer" it would have been to simply bend to the status quo,

WOW! Sociopathic statist elites everywhere must be quaking in their boots!

I got to thinking today that the U.K. is going to need our support particularly during their transition out of the EU when they will likely be most vulnerable to the thrashings that are bound to come from a Brussels seeking to make an example to other member states who dare to leave.

So, I say "Buy British"!

To that end, here is a great website for perusing British brands and buying British products and it even includes a pretty active blog on the subject including today's very interesting post on Brexit.

Possibly there are better ideas... travel, bonds, the pound even... who knows but even a token gesture seems sensible as the Brits deserve our support... they are a brave and inspiring people.