Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Glassman Bullish on Real Estate!!

As if to inadvertently say “Sell Now!! Get the hell out while you still have a chance!!” James Glassman of the Dow 36,000 fame beats a resounding bullish tone on the current state of real estate.

In an article entitled “Economists Predict Soft Landing for Housing”, Glassman states “Housing won't continue to make the same contribution to the economy that it has. But when I think about where the economy is, I think we're in the fifth inning with a good chance of going into extra innings. This expansion may prove to be the longest one ever seen.”

Ok, we are in the 5th inning… so there’s 4 more left to go AND we may even go into EXTRA innings! That’s quite bullish sentiment indeed! We may be only half… wait… maybe less than half way through this current real estate expansion!! Whoopee!! I’m going to get me a Toll Brothers (TOL)!!!

If that isn’t a Dow 36,000 prediction on housing, I don’t know what is.