Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stinking buyers!!

The following article entitled “Buyers Control the Market” published in a Fort Myers Florida paper details accounts of sellers in a particular development beginning to panic as they compete to the bottom while chasing little to no buyers.

As accounts like this start to become more commonplace it will be interesting to see how sellers (especially flippers), brokers, and anyone else left holding the bag will regard buyers.

If this article is any representation… not well as suggested by the following quote from Debbie Elentrio, a Realtor at ERA Falcone Realty Group who represents one of the sellers in the community:

"There are no stinking buyers around here and these people are panic-stricken — everyone can smell the fear,"

So beware you “stinking buyers” in Fort Myers Florida, times are tough, nerves are wearing thin, I wouldn’t turn your back on them during the next open house.