Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bailouts are Like a Box Full of Slaughtered Swine

At the height of the panic and frenzy over the swine flu pandemic earlier in the year, it was reported that Egypt had ordered the slaughter of roughly 300,000 pigs in an effort to stave off the feared disease.

This move brought almost immediate reaction from the western MSM sources including Time Magazine and the Scientific American, all with essentially the same response… the slaughter of the pigs was pointless.

But was it? … Maybe the MSM, in typical fashion, just missed the point.

Egyptian officials order the destruction of the county’s entire population of pigs NOT for specific and proven, reasoned purposes but as a quick and overtly simple and highly visible response taken primarily to quell the fears growing among the Egyptian people.

We in the West thumbed our nose… even poked fun… at the actions taken by the young-ish republic… we knew science… we knew that the danger was no longer pig to human transmission… it was human to human… what they were doing was silly… pointless… even a bit primitive.

Yet, our conceit, as is typical with such things, prevents most of us from seeing that we are no different and that the actions taken by the Federal Reserve and Federal Government were nothing short of a complete sham, pointlessly perpetrated against taxpayers (… both today’s and for many future generations) and savers in an effort to control our own panic stricken period of financial crisis.

Our officials were equally thoughtless and ignorant, the actions taken equally pointless, unfair and brutal and the purpose literally the same… simply to control panic… without regard for reason.

Well it appears that the fraud didn’t really work for Egypt… they reported their first swine flu death last Thursday…. sans pigs… real panic may be right around the corner.

Will the deception fare any better here in the West?