Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Now Is The Time!

Tomorrow, (at 10am) in an open session of the Senate Banking Committee entitled “The Housing Bubble and its Implications for the Economy”, United States Senators will question some of the real estate and housing industries leading economists and spokespersons.

[UPDATE: CalculatedRisk posts additional details from the Banking Comittee website.]

This session will be followed up by another session next week dedicated to the topic of the growing use of innovative mortgages and their implications.

I have just called C-Span to request that this hearing be broadcast. Currently, it’s not certain that this hearing will be covered in tomorrow’s lineup.

I STRONGLY encourage anyone to either call or send an email to C-Span requesting that they cover these hearings.

C-Span by Phone: Dial (202)-737-3220 and tell the operator that you want to request programming of a congressional hearing. He will put you through to a menu that leads to the program director that covers congress.

C-Span by Email: events@c-span.org