Thursday, February 12, 2009

Question(s) of The Day - Facebook Censors For Stimulus?

UPDATE: Facebook weenies put ad back up!

Earlier today...

The twerps over at Facebook admit now to pulling a paid ad from apparently because it upset and/or offended some of their users. is an online petition (I strongly encourage you to sign) created by Americans for Prosperity that simply seeks to remind our inept and corrupt government that there are, in fact, plenty of Americans who feel strongly against attempting to spend our way out of our current economic predicament.

You are certainly free to agree or not but I can hardly imagine that the content of their online ad could have justified removal from the popular social networking website.

The Facebook management are obvious cowards... no?

I’m closing down my (useless) Facebook account today… no big loss.

To deactivate your useless Facebook account simply login, choose "Settings" from the menu in the upper right and then choose the last action on the list in the center of the screen titled "Deactivate Account"... Then when they ask you the reason for your leaving... let loose!

The following is a clip outlining the purpose of the petition.