Friday, October 30, 2009

The Rundown - “Plan B, Propaganda, Congressional Lowlifes, Another Glassman Prediction, Shrinking Road Crews and Arson In Nevada”

Do you have a plan B? A MUST WATCH… last night’s Frontline. Aw Shucks… poor bastards on the upper-east side.

The White House says it has already “saved or created” 650K jobs... only problem… since just this January, 3.386 million jobs have actually been lost and the losses are continuing… Jared Bernstein says the figure is closer to a million jobs “saved or created” and adds “It's a great example of the unprecedented transparency, where the American taxpayer can point and click and see their taxes creating jobs … you have to understand the nature of Keynesian stimulus”… I say it’s a new low for government falsehoods and propaganda and so does the AP.

If they can’t manage their own finances why should they be influencing yours?

J.P Morgan Analyst James Glassman thinks unemployment could trend down this winter… He also predicted back in 2000 that the DOW would reach 36,000 and wanted to help you profit from it.

It seems to me that the size of crews repairing roadways is getting substantially smaller … just a few guys and some serious machinery… definitely not long lines of guys with shovels as in the 1930s depression era… When we think about infrastructure stimulus it’s easy to imagine lots of potential employment... Is this misguided?

Is it any surprise that a people in Nevada are encouraging children to play with matches?