Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Bull is On The Move!

Bears!… get out of the way this Mo-Fuxxer on the loose!

Yea sure he’s not exactly driving in style… but propped atop that clunker economy and with veins literally coursing with government stimulants he’s got all four hooves planted firmly on the accelerator... there is NO telling where he’ll end up next!

Of course in the scheme of things he’s a shell of his former self… he’s passed 10,000 again but like a pro boxer who devotes his middle age years to perpetually seeking comebacks, it’s obvious to most that he’s no longer the “real deal”.

But, at least for today, let’s have pity for the poor creature.

He’s twitching and slurring his words… deliriously mumbling… drool dripping from his snout… he’s got bloodshot eyes and a bad case of scrapie… but at the moment he’s up and running!… he doesn’t even know why!… but with the feds pushing and shoving and screaming at his back, what choice does the sorry bastard have?

So it’s time for a salute…

Mr. Bull… you may be beaten… You may have a depraved look on your face, a direct reflection of a society caught in the grips of decades of bubbles and schemes and speculation and day trading… you may even be a dead Bull running… but for today PaperEconomy salutes you…

May your rampage run parabolic!