Monday, May 12, 2008

Stopping The Bailout!

Bernanke might be one bad mother F’er but you can still make a difference.

To that end, I’d just like to remind everyone that now would be a good time to urge the White House to veto the various congressional plans for a taxpayer funded bailout of failed housing speculators and the mortgage and financial industries.

Extensive information and discussion regarding a Facebook group, online letters, emails and phone numbers can be found at Stop The Housing Bailout but the best method that has been presented is to simply call the White House at (202)-456-1414 or (202)-456-1111 and state "I am calling to ask you to veto any housing bailout that comes out of Congress."

Also, visit the Angry Renter online petition which has grown substantially in just a few short weeks.

A Socialized bailout of private individuals and, more grotesquely, wealthy investment firms that made outlandish private profits during the boom years is NOT an American or democratic ideal.