Monday, May 07, 2007

Inventory Tool Take 2

Today, I updated the Inventory Tracking Tool to better allow you to visualize the changes to an areas inventory.

I added the ability to visualize the average monthly inventory as well as the daily inventory over the full period that the tool has been operating.

The tool now includes the following charts:

  • Today’s Inventory - Today’s current inventory broken down to over 40 separate price ranges.
  • Monthly Inventory – The average inventory for each month beginning with the month that the tool started collecting to now.
  • Daily Inventory – The total daily inventory for each day beginning with the month that the tool started collection to now.
It’s important to note that data is collected as users request it so your town may or may not have a well populated data-set depending on how frequently you or others use the tool to check the data.

Most if not all of the most popular towns and metro areas are checked virtually every day so their data is mostly complete.

You can check out the tool here.