Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Almost Daily 2¢ - Revealing The True Potential

I’m certain that anyone would find the depth and breadth of the below list of announced job cuts to be concerning… Knowing that these headlines came from a single 24 hour period is simply shocking.

Banking and Finance, Telcom, Mobile, Health, Pharma, Hardware, Education, Municipal, Manufacturing, Energy, Equipment, Construction, Retail… it’s simply across the board and it’s everywhere.

The vicious cycle is firmly in place and no state or city will be immune… no industry… no profession.

We are in the early stages of a truly fundamental shakeout that no amount of government intervention can prevent.

The route by which “shovel ready” infrastructure construction jobs puts millions of scientists, hospital workers, analysts, bankers, programmers, mobile and telcom technicians, business managers, energy workers and high-end retailers back to work is tenuous at best, even with a generous “trickle-up” multiplier effect.

No… the government spending will not succeed in stemming this tide.

But, let us pause and draw some confidence from the fact that the economy is not broken.

In fact, that recessionary “sting” is how you know it’s working… adjusting, reaching down… deep down to a new, more fundamental equilibrium and, inevitably, a healthy revelation of its true potential.


“Telstra mulls thousands of extra job cuts”
“Motorola Announces Another 4000 Job Cuts”
“Mercy Hospital included in Wheaton's plan for job cuts”
“Pfizer to layoff 800 scientists and technicians in research”
“Seagate Cuts 6% of Jobs Globally, Reduces CEO Pay 25%”
“University Of Tennessee Predicts 700 Job Cuts”
“Butler County sheriff plans 20 job cuts”
“Washington County job cuts announced”
“Hill-Rom to restructure, cut 300 jobs”
“Cummins To Cut 800 'Professional' Jobs By End Of Feb”
“71 effected by County School job cuts”
“Job Cuts At Yakima Catholic Diocese”
“Major job cuts in Tulare County to hit health care”
“ING cuts 750 US jobs due to economic slowdown”
“BofA confirms 139 job cuts in Ballantyne”
“2000 jobs to go after bank merger“
“Galveston College to talk about job cuts”
“Barclays plans thousands more job cuts”
“A Higher Estimate of Job Cuts at HMH”
“Cajundome Announces Job Cuts”
“Mount Carmel announces 300 job cuts”
“Dow Chemical to detail Texas job cuts”
“Crown job cuts 'strategic'”
“Hutchinson Tech sheds 1380 workers”
“TeliaSonera makes domestic job cuts”
“Georgia Power to eliminate up to 400 jobs”
“Tiffany cuts forecast, posts holiday-sales decline”
“San Jose Mayor says city should prepare for layoffs”
“Plantronics to layoff 18 percent of global workforce”
“Nortel workers in Richardson brace for layoffs”
“Rensselaer layoffs spark controversy”
“Russellville Plant Lays Off About 30 Workers”
“Google's Loss of Innocence: 100 Jobs Cut”
“Iron City Brewing to move production, lay off staff”
“Boat manufacturer cites poor economy in layoff of 55 workers”
“43 Lincoln City Jobs In Jeopardy”
“Deere & Co. announces layoffs at Dubuque site”
“Paper mill plans temporary layoffs”
“Oral Roberts University begins layoffs”
“Protective vest manufacturer to have temporary layoffs at Grainger County plant”