Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fall of Greece: May 2011

Looking at the most recent OECD economic indicators, Greece makes by far the weakest showing in all the Eurozone as it continues to plod through tremendously difficult economic times.

Industrial production remains in severe contraction territory, consumer confidence has fallen off a cliff, business confidence is clearly depressed and the leading index is turning down fast dropping 0.51% since April and 6.54% below the level seen in May 2010.

For June (more timely data), consumer confidence declined a whopping 0.59% from May and dropped 1.23% below the level seen in June 2010 while business confidence declined 0.49% from May remaining 0.49% above the level seen in June 2010.

Industrial production remains epically weak plunging 1.21% between February and March 2011 (less timely data) remaining near the lowest levels seen since the late 1990s.