Friday, June 20, 2008

The Almost Daily 2¢ - Turn Em’ In NOW!

By now everyone should be well aware of the fact that the FBI is putting some serious teeth behind their national campaign to investigate corruption and fraud in the financial, mortgage and real estate industries.

In just a little over three months "Operation Malicious Mortgage Fraud”, implemented by FBI officials of 46 of the 56 regional field offices, has netted over 400 of the worst offenders ranging from Bear Sterns hedge fund managers to “run of the mill” real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

Better yet, there have already been 173 convictions!

Given the effectiveness of this campaign, I think now would be just about the right time to turn in any and all information you may have on mortgage and real estate fraud.

If you feel that you or a member of your family, friends or other associates have been financially injured by some dealing with the mortgage and real estate industry, I strongly URGE you to follow the links below and report all you know as well as pass this post or the information contained in this post to those that you feel may have been defrauded.

The FBI provides an online facility for reporting “Tips and Public Leads” as well as hosts call lines at each of the regional field offices where you can speak at length with an investigator.

As a victim of identity theft some years back, I can assure you that the FBI investigators of your regional field office will be both welcoming and responsive.

The window is now wide open for you to easily report your case of mortgage or real estate fraud so don’t let this opportunity pass.

Now is the time to make the brazen and fraudulent profiteers of these corrupt industries and era pay for all of their wrongdoings.

Click here for the Online “Tips and Public Leads” form.

Click here to find the contact information of your regional FBI field office.