Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Commercial Catastrophe!: MIT/CRE Commercial Property Index Q2 2009

It’s now perfectly obvious that the commercial real estate (CRE) markets have followed the inevitable lead of the residential markets down into a severe and historic recessionary decline.

Earlier this week the MIT Center for Real Estate released their Q2 2009 read on the nation’s commercial property market showing a stunning 32.07% year-over-year decline to the price of all commercial structures as an aggregate and a 36.33% decline in demand.

Worse yet, on a peak basis CRE prices have declined a staggering 39.16%.

Individually, Apartment property prices declined 28.81%, Industrial property prices declined 41.15%, office property prices declined 33.39% and retail property prices declined 26.01% compared to their respective peaks set in 2007.