Friday, August 21, 2009

I’m Back!

Just got in from Paris… posts have been a little spotty lately… but now back to the regular schedule.

On a side note… You can get a simple studio unit in virtually any arrondissement of Paris for under $300,000.

This unit would be small and basic but it would be lavishly adorned (… by my standards… high ceilings, huge windows with large wood and iron shutters inside and out that open to a landscaped courtyard, likely an ancient marble or stone fireplace, etc.) and within an equally amazing old Parisian building WITH a live in superintendent.

Step out of the building and you are presented a maze of diverse options… Boulangers this way, Brasseries that way, Patisseries, Fromageries, Boucheries, small shops of all sorts lining clean streets within a neighborhood that boasts historic sites, museums, likely a large library… easy access to transportation (… to any city in Europe or the airport) … lively activity everywhere.

Looking at Boston or Cambridge there is not only no comparison for the equivalent dollars… there is simply no comparison.