Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Today brings four great additions to the BNN lineup, most notably, a Bloomberg interview with David Seiders, Chief Economist of the National Association of Home Builders.

It seems Seiders is now presenting a significantly more Bearish outlook for the new home market suggesting that 30% of home builders surveyed are now suggesting that they are feeling a weakening of sales related to the tightening of lending standards.

“I was surprised… I got about a third of the respondents saying yes [that they were being effected by tightening lending] and of them… among them, a median hit on sales of about 10 percent.”

Watch Seiders turn Bearish on BNN!

Next up there is a great “point – sort of – counterpoint” between Economist Dean Baker and David Michonski, CEO of Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy.

Michonski, apparently suffering from all the bad news lately, has a hard time living in the here and now as he suggests that housing supply currently “balanced” and that he expects national median home prices to be up 4% by the end of 2007 and beyond putting an end to all the hubbub over the housing decline.

Watch Michonski delude himself some more on BNN!

Next, although the Fed’s Moskow doesn’t see the subprime slime spilling over to the general economy, CNBC’s Steve Leisman presents findings from a recent “risk conference” that seemingly draws an analogous “easy lending” relationship between the mortgage market and corporate derivatives.

Two other experts, who are both calling for significant spillover and looming recession, discuss the latest developments concerning Morgan Stanley’s recent decision to sell roughly $2.5 billion of New Century Financial mortgages.

Watch the sub-prime slime continue on BNN!

Finally, a nearly perfect example of CNBC “blathering clueless” as they try desperately attempt to understand the month by month changes in the housing market.

Diana Olick was so “Shocked” by the February’s New Home Sales report that her eyebrows were seen raised in surprise after the announcement.

Add to that UBS analyst Margret Whelan’s suggestion that for new homes, the spring selling season is already over (as Bob Toll previously discussed at length) and it’s just about all the two anchor-girls could take… “Come on! It’s not even April yet!” What’s a bull to do?

Watch CNBC Bulls Look Confused on BNN!

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